Responsible lending guidelines, Responsible lending obligations, Responsible lending policy, Responsible lending requirements

StuCred’s mission is to empower the college student community of India to the best of our ability.  We are an ethical, college student focused lender and take pride in innovating the field with our technology and lending practices. It is not just about a one-time payment with us; it is about laying the foundation for a continued student experience. An experience built on trust and good customer-oriented service.

The student community in India is powering up and we want to be the force behind them. We want to be the ones that took a chance on the entrepreneurs, designers, and lawyers of tomorrow, by helping their credit scores today. Most of all, we want to lead with innovation and grow with technology.


Whether it’s your turn to pay for dinner or a new textbook that everyone claims is lifesaving during finals week, expenses creep up on us all. That is when we had our light bulb moment (or as we like to call it, our ‘StuCred Moment’). We have all been in that little space between the end of a month and the beginning of the following month. We offer real-time loans, with quick approval. Getting you the cash when you need it, not after you’ve riled up some debt with your friends.


We believe in being flexible by allowing you to decide the amount you want to borrow for 30 days (within the predetermined credit limit). Repaying on time ensures a better Credit Score and an increase in your credit limit for the next time around. We also do not penalize early repayment like traditional lending institutions. The earlier you repay, the more students we can help.


We cannot stress how much we mean it when we say our mission is to empower you. Our user-friendly interface allows users to borrow, repay and extend loans with ease. Notifications on the StuCred App, along with timely emails and text messages ensure that the repayment date does not take you by surprise.

We also love interacting with our students! Whether you want to catch up with us or inquire about our services, our social media pages, extensive FAQs, customer support team and chatbots on every page of our app will help you whenever you need it.


Our focus is to help students out in those moments when the money they need is just taking a little time to get to their pockets. This is why we have done away with interest rates on loans and only levy a small service charge to cover the development and running costs of the company. Our aim is to help students with their financial burdens, not add to it.

 Responsible lending guidelines, Responsible lending obligations, Responsible lending policy, Responsible lending requirements


StuCred is an internal start-up, working as the Digital Lending Division of Kreon Finnancial Services LTD (, a registered NBFC. StuCred APP has NPCI approval, integrated with BHIM UPI and has passed QUADIT security testing. Don’t let the jargon get to you; all this means is that we take our agreement seriously and so should you.


It is at this point we request you to pledge to us, what we pledge to you. It is a pledge of promises to keep in order to have a good relationship with us, during your days and years as a student.

We promise to offer convenient short-term loans, which you promise to repay on time.

We promise to use our app as a platform to guide you through the loan process. In return, we would like you to remember the seriousness of our agreement.

We promise to respect you and be understanding of your needs as our customers as you will of our strict defaulter policy.

Lastly, we promise to remain transparent through every interaction, as we hope you do too.

As we ensure our practices are ethical and viable for students, we hope you will ensure repayment on time. This helps prevent a negative effect on your Credit Score. Let us help you make your college days more memorable.

Tags- Responsible lending guidelines, Responsible lending obligations, Responsible lending policy, Responsible lending requirements